at a glance: bedrooms

Am I the only one who gets kinda sleepy and just wants to curl up and go to sleep after looking at a really comfortable looking bed? Is it just me, I wonder, or do other people also have this visually triggered sleepy syndrome?

Psychological self examination aside, it is surely an undisputed fact that the bed is the most important object in one's sleeping quarters. However, there are some other things that can also have a reasonably profound effect on such a space; things like light, colour, ornaments, soft furnishings.

I've actually recently been doing a little work on my own bedroom; before Christmas I did a major overhaul and got rid of a lot of junk, put away a lot of ornaments that I still feel attached to but didn't want to display, and generally tried to follow the philosophy of Mr William Morris, who said "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." I didn't necessarily completely succeed (because getting rid of stuff is hard, man!) but it's a definite improvement. Doing all that means that there is some room for new decorations, so I've been making some cushions for my little couch, planning to make some art for my walls, and keeping an eye out for some interesting ornaments.
 Unfortunately, the one thing I can't improve in my room is the light. But the whole house is on the dark side (hahaha!) so there's no use worrying about that.

Anyway, cue sparklingly inspirational bedroom photos!










Bonus comfy bed photo! I can just feel myself getting... sleepy... *yawn*


in my imaginary wardrobe...

flour + eggs + suger + everything nice

Oh, the joys of baking; carefully measuring out (and snacking on) the ingredients, whipping out the big Kenwood mixer and beating the crickets of some sugar and butter, the anticipation while it bakes, the torture while it cools, that special kind of joy that only icing can bring.  

 I find baking most blissfully enjoyable when I can have everything ordered and neatly set out, which means measuring all the ingredients first then following the mixing instructions. This does probably take a bit longer, but I think baking should be done slowly and enjoyed, not rushed through. Start early and keep it clean. That's my approach to cooking in general, I love doing it when I can take my time with it and do the dishes as I go. There's just something about a messy kitchen that sets me on edge. (We'll call this being 'eccentric' rather than 'Just a bit weird')

This morning I tried baking a White Chocolate and Cherry Swiss Roll. It was mostly a success, I would have liked the sponge to be a bit thicker and lighter, but that's probably my fault for using a bigger pan than the recipe recommended. That's the picture on the right, the picture on the left is mine and my sister's attempt at the "I Can't Believe You Made That!" Cake from Lorraine Pascale. We didn't decorate ours like she did, so actually people did believe we made it. A bit too much icing, but if I'm completely honest I didn't actually mind.

On rediscovering old hobbies and trying new techniques

After barely picking up the camera at all in 2012, I've very recently starting toying around with it again. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy it!
I'm also trying something new; shooting in RAW. I've only tried it once, but I'm hoping to get out with the camera again soon.

I thought I'd just do a quick post, so here's one of the photos I've taken recently.

currently coveting

Oh, to have a bottomless bank account! But sadly, no, I do not posses such a thing, which means a lot of gazing longingly at online clothes stores.

Anyway, some things I've been coveting recently:

Some really cool tees from Out of Print clothing. Though I really wish the Sherlock Holmes tee came in a girly fit.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz t-shirt
The Hound of the Baskervilles t-shirt

And my old nemesis, that of the expensive prices and tempting sales, Anthropologie.
The skirt is very temptingly on sale and in my size. Grrrrr!
Coral Isle Pullover

Perforations Suede Skirt

Dakota Shirtdress
Antipode Dolman

recently bought

I recently splurged on some lovely Warehouse tops and sweaters from asos.com (to be fair, a lot of them were on sale, that makes it okay, right? ...right?)

I'm waiting for their arrival, which should be in the next few days. Unfortunately it's summer here, which means that I'm going to have to wait to wear them (damn!)

jumping off the edge, reaching for the moon...

New blog!

I plan on posting all sorts of delightful things, mainly centred around clothes and fashion, but also anything I find beautiful and inspiring. I may even subject you to my love of baking.
I love collecting beautiful images and I'm sure that this blog will become another outlet for that, but you can also find me on Pinterest.

The title comes from a fantastic song, which also happens to have a lovely music video:

Stardust by Lena