flour + eggs + suger + everything nice

Oh, the joys of baking; carefully measuring out (and snacking on) the ingredients, whipping out the big Kenwood mixer and beating the crickets of some sugar and butter, the anticipation while it bakes, the torture while it cools, that special kind of joy that only icing can bring.  

 I find baking most blissfully enjoyable when I can have everything ordered and neatly set out, which means measuring all the ingredients first then following the mixing instructions. This does probably take a bit longer, but I think baking should be done slowly and enjoyed, not rushed through. Start early and keep it clean. That's my approach to cooking in general, I love doing it when I can take my time with it and do the dishes as I go. There's just something about a messy kitchen that sets me on edge. (We'll call this being 'eccentric' rather than 'Just a bit weird')

This morning I tried baking a White Chocolate and Cherry Swiss Roll. It was mostly a success, I would have liked the sponge to be a bit thicker and lighter, but that's probably my fault for using a bigger pan than the recipe recommended. That's the picture on the right, the picture on the left is mine and my sister's attempt at the "I Can't Believe You Made That!" Cake from Lorraine Pascale. We didn't decorate ours like she did, so actually people did believe we made it. A bit too much icing, but if I'm completely honest I didn't actually mind.


  1. Both cakes were absloutely delicious.
    Your photoes are gorgeous


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!