currently coveting

Window-browsing online is highly dangerous. It can lead to all sort of troublesome fantasies about buying the beautiful evening dress that you have no use for and can't afford. Indeed, there's really nothing to stop you wasting away hours looking at clothes that are way too expensive to ever buy.
Case in point; I've just found a few items from net-a-porter that are beyond lovely, but are, sadly, also beyond my budget. But alas, I'll suffer through somehow.

*Note: Most of the items don't have links because when I went back to net-a-porter I couldn't find the items anyway in the store.

Sequined jersey top by Michael Kors

Ava dress by One Vintage
Floral-print cotton-muslin skirt by RED Valentino 

Striped cotton dress by Dolce & Gabbana


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!