at a glance: The PianoGuys

Okay, so another little spotlight on something I love: ThePianoGuys
Yes, I know, I'm hardly discovering something new, these guys are pretty popular now. All the same, it's an excuse to spend time listening to their music.

 They're basically these five guys who mix classical music and modern pop songs (with some pretty incredible results) then team it with awesome videos. The instrumentalists are Jon Schmidt, on the piano, and Steven Sharp Nelson, on cello. Along the other three; Al van der Beek, who works in the studio, as well as co-writing and music arranging, and Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart who produce and edit the videos
You can read about their story on their about page or watch The Story Behind The Internet Sensation.
It's pretty interesting the way that the whole thing started up.

"The guy on cello is the best mix of Hawkeye from the Avengers and Mr Bean" - youtube comment
They're a very likeable, pretty funny, set of guys, as demonstrated in the video below


"Back when I was in biology a long time ago, I heard that the human body is mostly water. But if you took a cross section of me, Steven Sharp Nelson, you would probably find that I'm mostly music."
 - Steven Sharp Nelson

To the music; I won't say that I chose my favourites, because that would be way too hard for me to do. So I just chose a few to post, and I'll recommend that you go to their youtube channel and listen to the rest.


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!