currently coveting: slumber supplies

Everyone loves a lazy day- full of relaxation, cups of tea, and snuggling up on the couch- right?
Well, I certainly do, and I would be perfectly happy to cuddle up and get comfy with these lovelies:

Dotted Chevron Sleep Shorts

Garden Plot Loungers
Bonds Overdyed Neat Fit Hoodie

Hard Tail 'Girly' Hoodie

Ralph Lauren Sleepwear Knit Nightshirt

Sari Throw
DwellStudio Fireside by Side Throw

Beci Orpin Geo Patchwork Quilt


  1. all so lovely but I really adore those shorts! so cute <3

  2. I love the sari throw & the quilt is so beautiful!

  3. Those shorts are adorable, and they look super comfy!


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!