at a glance: upcyclette

upcyclette is an awesome website that sells sustainably and ethically manufactured products made by designers from all around the world.
Every piece is made from upcycled material, from Swiss army blankets to retired German fire hoses, which is pretty cool.

A couple of my favourites;
VuerichB sunglasses Transition n° 473. Made from a skateboard.
Helveticus - Ladies Bowling Bag. Made from vintage Swiss army blankets/
ad:acta Handbag Gleitzeit brn. Made from a castoff A5 ringbinder.
Feuerwear Bag Larry W. Made from recycled fire hoses.


  1. Great idea.
    Great collection.

  2. the swiss army bag is cute and I love the idea behind the store and its items.


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!