currently coveting: Converse All Stars

I've been coveting them for quite a while, actually. I've always loved them but I've never gotten a pair, so I might have to remedy that (it is autumn, going into winter here in Australia, so it makes since right?)

The problem is, or course, that there are so many different types, even just in the Chuck Taylors! A quick look through the converse australia website turned up well over 10 pairs that I would quite happily own, which is unfortunately a little unrealistic, budget-wise.
Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

There are the classic Hi-tops, in a variety of colours 
Chuck Taylor All Star Hi in     Navey                                                                            Sassafras                                                                                                       Parasailing

The classic Lo version, which I absolutely love in the white.
Chuck Taylor All Star Lo in Purple                                                             Chuck Taylor All Star Lo in Optical

Then there's the Lo Light and the Lo Dainty, which sound very appealingly slimline
    Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Light in Anemone Purple                                                  Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty in Charcoal

There's these two really sweet patterned ones (I love the wilderness print ones!)
Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Hawaiian Hibiscus                                                       Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Wilderness Sweater  

And these cool leather ones, too.
Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Premium Leather Rand                                                                           Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Hiker


  1. I love your choices, especially the purple, anemone purple & grey :)

  2. I love converse, especially those wilderness ones!


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!