in my actual wardrobe...

I had a super busy weekend. It was the annual Folk Fair, which is a pretty big deal here in our little town.
It also means that, being situated diagonally opposite the fair, we get pretty swamped in the shop. And, of course, what did I go and do? Only sliced through a chunk of skin on the bottom of my foot (hence the thongs). Yeah, not fun, but it wasn't that bad in the end. Anyway, I think I'm rambling here so we'll skip right to the photos;

(By the way, I'm on Look Book now! Check it out here)

Shirt: Jeanswest │Tank top: Cotton On (borrowed from my sister)│ Jeans: Jeanswest Thongs: not sure, maybe Target
Earrings: Jewelflyt (also borrowed)│ Watch: Skagen

Photos by Kathryn Simons


My, what good taste you have in blogs! .....Hahaha! but seriously, thanks for the comment!